5 Ideal Home Designs (Modern and Beautiful Inspirations)

5 Ideal Home Designs (Modern and Beautiful Inspirations)

1. Classic House with Beautiful Nuances of Countryside

Not only does it look beautiful and comfortable, you can even feel the warmth of this classic home design. The use of wood composite windows on the roof makes it easy to access sunlight to enter the house.

The color of white paint in a house makes the impression clean and tidy. This color is matched with black on the roof. A hung-up window is used around the house to help optimize air circulation.

Classic home design will not be out of date. Especially if you miss a beautiful atmosphere like in the village. The classic house model is definitely the right choice.

2. Minimalist Black and White Style 2 Floors

One look at you can capture the uniqueness of this minimalist home design. The two-dimensional flat design is deliberately highlighted mainly from the selection of door and window frames that are made flat with walls.

A large storefront window is positioned next to the patio door. Through the window, you can peek at the modern interior chosen by the occupants of the house. An additional attic complete with sliding windows on the 2nd floor enhances the beautiful appearance of the ideal residence.

3. Beautiful Design with Brick Walls

Creating a dream home doesn’t always have to rely on a minimalist design. The proof, conventional home design also has an attraction that is not less attractive.

Stone walls combined with pastel-colored walls are very compatible with the garden on the home page. Complete stair accents with wooden pillars at the entrance add to the beauty of residential design.

A pointed roof complete with a chimney is the right choice to enrich conventional home designs. Additional bi-fold window models on the 2nd floor flanked by two hung-up windows give a romantic touch that is not excessive.

4. Modern Box House Designs

Looking for a clean and simple design? The design of the 2-storey box house on the picture may be tried. Not only looks natural, this minimalist home model also looks modern at the same time.

A house with a minimalist design has a characteristic geometric shape, very few ornaments, and prioritizes space optimization.

The shape of the door is so high that it almost touches the ceiling on the 1st floor. The storefront glass model also complements the simple style of the residential design. As for the 2nd floor, the stationary window model looks more suitable.

5. Energy Efficient Glass Panel Occupancy

You can see the selection of minimalist bedroom designs used by residents of the house. To maintain privacy, long curtains can be used when the night or time to take a nap.

The presence of a small wooden canopy above each glass door minimizes the possibility of raindrops entering the room. Even so, it’s best not to open the door wide when it rains heavily.

Wood floors made a little high from the ground make the house more protected from the possibility of splashing the soil when it rains. The sloping roof model is a sign of a minimalist style.

The ten ideal home design ideas can be a reference for those of you who want beautiful and modern dwellings. Of course, you must be willing to spend more to realize optimal home design.


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