5 Luxury Home Designs (Elegant and Charming Inspirations)

5 Luxury Home Designs (Elegant and Charming Inspirations)

1. Medieval Fortress style

Medieval style is indeed very interesting to be adapted into the occupancy of your dreams. Some of the buildings that are made to resemble the fort show a classy impression that is difficult to match. This design has a curved glass model that looks romantic. Large doors with wooden accents become an attraction that complements the design of the house. Walls that use cream as a paint color, make the house look bright and warm.

2. Houses with Wood and Glass Accents

Minimalist home design with lots of glass may feel risky for some people. However, this model is capable of making an elegant and modern look for your occupancy. The distinctive feature of this modern 2-storey house is the use of a lot of storefront glass. Even the glass is seen dominating the front of the building, including the side and front doors.   Wood accents make the white paint color all over the wall of the house not look monotonous. In fact, the wood accents are points that enrich the appearance of the house.

3. Energy Saving Glass Panel

The Split model in this 2-storey building of modern housing makes it look striking and attractive. Especially the use of glass that meets the edges of the building from the floor to the ceiling. This kind of large glass model helps homeowners to save energy used. Because the glass facilitates sunlight to enter, so that electricity consumption can be suppressed. The white paint color on the whole building blends well with the brown color on a minimalist wooden fence and frames on the balcony and walls of the house. At first glance, the interior of the house on the 2nd floor looks simple without a lot of ornaments.

4. Design Palace Tools with Circular Stairs

Want home design like a Disneyland palace? This one inspiration you should try. In addition to using a lot of large windows that make the house look more spacious, this residence also has several balconies on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Uniquely, from the 2nd floor balcony made a half-round staircase to the swimming pool on the first floor. You can use the pool area with family or just relax on the available beach chairs.

5. Minimalist Studio Houses

A studio concept house like this is called imitating the occupancy of one of the Hollywood artists. Naturally, the appearance of this house is indeed very luxurious and modern. To imitate the appearance of this house you can pay attention to several important elements, namely: Minimalist building design using marble as a floor. For the interior concept, take advantage of natural elements and optimize space despite having a large area of ​​land. Large glass panels are good for adding wide accents from the house, while facilitating the entry of light into the building. Uniquely, this luxury house is indeed made only 1 floor. Even so, you can see the breadth of land used by the design of this luxury house. There are still many luxurious house designs that can be chosen to realize your dream occupancy. Do not forget, the appearance of luxury does not only depend on the breadth of the area of ​​the house but also the features of both the interior and exterior design

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