6 Characteristics of a Minimalist Design House (You Need to Know)

6 Characteristics of a Minimalist Design House (You Need to Know)

Often now we find the same house shape and made similar. Especially for those of you who live in housing, the shape and type are the same as those given by the developer. Many people say that the house is a minimalist type.

Actually what are the characteristics that are true and in accordance with a minimalist type of house, so that you are not lied to and know the exact characteristics of a house with a minimalist type. Anything ?

1. Soft Wall Color

The first feature that you can recognize is the soft and neutral color of the wall. The color of this wall can be accompanied by the installation of a striking wallpaper but still neutral and soft that you can use to bring the atmosphere to life.

Especially if the size of the house is too large so it is not too empty using wallpaper. The chosen color is deliberately avoiding the impression of being too luxurious.

2. Wide window

Next, you can see the large window selection in the form of a minimalist type of house. Usually this house allows ventilation so that air can get out and enter freely. This is also the reason why a variety of trees and plants are added to the minimalist house to give a cool impression on the house.

In addition, the window that is used is quite wide because of its function to let the sunlight in and freely enter the house.

3. Strict Form

The next feature that you can see is a strict form, even the impression of a minimalist house is often considered stiff because only the boxes with clear designs have been made from the beginning.

For some people who like order and tidiness, minimalism can be the type that is liked or can be used at home. Minimalist houses also provide vertical and horizontal repetitions of the inside and outside of the house.

4. Simple Furniture

Although the area is usually a house with a minimalist type using furniture that is not luxurious or more in a simple direction.

But its use is still in order. The equipment used can also use iron or wood equipment that is not too large in size but also gives an exotic impression.

For those of you who fill a minimalist home, usually the dominance of furniture is black, white or ash. Avoid using equipment with teak or mahogany because it displays the impression of luxury.

5. Minimalist Park

The last thing you can recognize from a minimalist home is the type of garden that is minimalist as well. Usually even though the land is not spacious, a minimalist garden must complement the design of this house.

Usually only a terrace and also land that contains puzzle grass or ordinary mini elephant grass. With the existence of this park creates the impression of cool but still elegant and in accordance with minimalism.

6. Lack of insulation

If a minimalist house has too much bulkhead and space, then the house you have is not a minimalist type. Usually this house is minimal in bulkhead and not too many barriers that limit space.

For example, for a central room, a dining room and a kitchen are only in a large and restricted area of furniture, but do not use wall dividers or barriers.

That is the hallmark of a minimalist design, now that you understand what the design is and the shape you are not going to be lied to, aka being deceived by someone who offers a house or provides a minimalist design house. By learning its characteristics you can also use it to build your own minimalist home.


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